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From Cambridge English Corpus An escalating brutality shown via the 221st towards community civilians derived from its increasingly stretched situation and also the developing danger from the enemy.

six. Baseball A series of movements by which a pitcher, standing Along with the glove side dealing with house plate, raises equally arms to the peak of The top then lowers them to the chest or waist for a short pause prior to pitching the ball.

The OPTP Stretch Out Strap with 2nd Version Booklet is really a patented long strap with several loops that enable the user to proficiently stretch main muscle groups with bigger security and Regulate.

Also a mesh carrying bag, a door indicator plus a 24-webpage colour print booklet are included (emailed as PDF for that LITE version).

stretch yourself out v exprverbal expression: Phrase with Exclusive this means operating as verb--by way of example, "place their heads with each other," "arrive at an conclude."

Your hamstrings, the muscles which make up the back again of your respective thighs, can certainly get tight soon after a little strenuous physical exercise. Stretching your hamstrings just before and immediately after Performing out can help relieve discomfort and tightness.

The Stretch Out Strap is the right way To achieve this plus the guide that comes along with This is often remarkable. I such as this product greatly and find the information to become fantastic when instructing my customers ways to use it. This can be a "should have" in Anyone's education bag, or office drawer. -Coach T

to go for a wander with the sake of exercise. I have to stretch my legs. bene rek يَمُدُّ رِجْلَيْه поразтъпквам се esticar as pernas protáhnout si nohy sich die Beine vertreten strække sine ben βηματίζω για να ξεμουδιάσω estirar las piernas jalgu sirutama قدري پياده روي كردن käydä kävelyllä se dégourdir les jambes לְחַלֵץ עֲצָמוֹת टहल लेना pružiti noge kinyújtóztatja a lábát (= sétálni megy sok ülés után) berjalan-jalan untuk menggerakkan badan fá sér göngutúr (sgranchirsi le gambe) 散歩する 산책하다 prasimankštinti, pamiklinti kojas pastaigāties; izlocīt kājas berjalan-jalan untuk meregangkan otot kaki de benen strekken strekke på seg, gå en tur rozprostować kości د پیاده تلو قدر کول esticar as pernas a-şi dez­morţi picioarele размять ноги, прогуляться ísť na prechádzku pretegniti si noge protegnuti noge sträcka på benen เดินเพื่อออกำลังกาย bacaklarını açmak 活動活動腿腳 розім'яти ноги چہل قدمی کے لیے جانا đi bộ để tập luyện 活动活动腿脚

Obtain Comprehensive SPLITS Speedy. Easy-to-use flexibility strap to boost your leg versatility, equilibrium and number of motion in the normal entire body place. Just some weeks of consistent use and your folks will observe significant improvements towards your movements.

Check out Much more... The commonest reason behind agony and standard distress for people now is a result of muscular imbalance. In basic terms, we being a Modern society are from harmony in between the muscles we use and the flexibleness throughout the joint structure of our overall body. A single important way to help in lowering this difficulty is to spend far more time stretching properly and on a steady each day foundation.

"Stretching versatility loosens you up makes me come to feel awesome!!! Thank you for your drive!!" Rated this informative article:

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2. To cause something to lengthen, expand, or distend. A noun or pronoun may be used among "stretch" and "out." Quit pulling to the sleeves like that, or you are going to stretch them out! They then stretch the fabric out over substantial racks in order that it can dry while in the sunshine.

consistently. He can't function for over three hours in a stretch. aanhoudend باسْتِمْرار، بلا تَوَقُّف наведнъж continuamente nepřetržitě ununterbrochen i træk συνέχεια, χωρίς διακοπή de un tirón, sin parar järjepanu پيوسته yhtämittaisesti d'affiléeברציפות एक मुश्त bez prekida, za redom egyfolytában terus-menerus samfellt di seguito/fila 一気に 계속해서 be sustojimo, neatsitraukiant bez pārtraukuma; bez apstājas terus-menerus achtereeni ett strekk jednym ciągiem تړلی، پرله پسی continuamente continuu, fileără între­ru­pere подряд nepretržite, website jedným ťahom nepretrgoma neprekidno i sträck อย่างต่อเนื่อง Helloç durmadan 連續地 підряд; без перерви لگاتار một mạch 一口气地

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